Student? Here is everything you need to know about public transport in Troms


How to travel cheapest by bus, when does the night bus leave? See our student guide with everything you need to know about public transport for students.

There can be a lot of new things to get used to, whether you are new to the city, a new student, or just back at "school" after a long summer holiday. Here you will find information about how to make best use of the public transport system in Troms.

Routes and travel search

We recommend everyone to use the Troms Reise app for up-to-date information about your journey. The app has many functionalities, here are some of them:

  • You can look up which bus lines arrive at a simple stop
  • You can search for the journey from/to
  • You can search from the present time or in the future
  • You can see buses on the map to keep you updated on where the bus is on the route
  • You can also use the Troms Reise app to update yourself on timetables for both bus, express boat and ferry

Timetables in pdf can be found here. 

We do not have our own night buses. The night departures are part of the normal route offer for some of the bus lines. 

Use our real-time map

Wondering where the bus is? Then you can use the real-time map on our website or in the Troms Reise app. You can also see an overview of our route maps for Tromsø and Harstad here.

Tickets and fares

We do not have student prices on our tickets. The tickets are priced according to age group and all students between the ages of 18-29 can use the "young adult" ticket type.

If you use the bus several times a week, it can be smart to buy a periodic ticket. Are you wondering how much the bus ticket costs and which ticket is right for you? Here you can use our price calculator to find out what your journey costs..


Use the Troms Billett app

We recommend everyone to use our ticket app Troms Billett. Then you always get the best price and can easily keep track of your tickets. Information on how to download and use the Troms Billett app can be found here

Buy your ticket before boarding. 

  • Having a valid ticket on the bus is your own responsibility. 
  • You must confirm your purchase and activate the ticket before boarding the bus. 
  • You may board when the countdown has started, and the ticket status is “valid”. 

Which door should I use? 

There is a slight difference from Tromsø city buses and the rest of Troms. The following rules apply:

  • If you have a valid mobile ticket, you may board via the middle door in Tromsø. 
  • Passengers outside Tromsø must board at the front. 

Should I show my ticket to the driver? 

There is a slight difference from Tromsø city buses and the rest of Troms. The following rules apply:

  • You don’t need to show mobile tickets to the driver when boarding city buses in Tromsø. 
  • You must show mobile tickets at the front entrance without being asked on all other buses in Troms.  
  • The driver and inspector can ask to see a valid ticket at any time during the journey. 

Should I scan the QR code on the ticket validator? 

No. You should not scan the QR code when boarding. This is only necessary for travelcards.  

Always remember to:

  • show a clear signal to the driver if the bus is to stop
  • wear a seat belt on the bus

Do you travel with a bicycle? 

Read more about how you can travel with a bicycle.

Welcome on board!