How to pay on the ferry in Troms

Foreign cars that are not registered in Norway must pay for the ferry through ether FerryPay and AutoPass-agreement. 

These are the two preferable ways to pay on the ferry: 

  • FerryPay
  • AutoPASS-agreement

If you don't have an any of these you can make a Ferry Pay account while standing in the ferry queue.

Create Ferry Pay Account Quick and Easy Here

You can also pay with debit- or credit card (contactless only), but this might cause a delay, and is not a preferred payment. Please note that you will not receive an electric car price if you use a bank- or credit card. You will have to pay the same price as regular fossil/hybrid vehicles. If you want the electric car price you will have to pay with Ferrypay. This also applies if you don't have a contactless card.  

(if you don’t use one of these options, you will not be able to board this ferry). 

What is FerryPay?

  • FerryPay is a non-discount payment solution by credit or debit card.
  • The FerryPay agreement applies to all ferries in Norway that are part of the AutoPASS for ferry scheme, which is all ferries in Troms and most ferries in Norway.
  • FerryPay is a valid payment for all ferries in Troms.
  • FerryPay is a simple and invoice-free payment solution with no discounts for vehicles that do not have an AutoPASS tag or AutoPASS for ferry agreement.
  • The vehicle’s registration number is automatically read upon entering the ferry and linked to your FerryPay agreement.
  • The credit or debit card you have registered on your agreement is automatically charged one full price ticket per ferry journey.
  • Click here for information about ticket prices
  • Click here for travel information and timetables.

What are the benefits?

  • Avoid receiving an invoice and invoice fee by post, or a reminder fee should you forget or not have the opportunity to pay an invoice on time.
  • Receive all your receipts by email, and easily forward these to an employer.
  • Add and remove as many vehicles as you want on your agreement, including vehicles you do not own but wish to pay ferry journeys for.
  • Select a start and end date for the period you want to pay for a vehicle’s ferry journeys. Upon adding a vehicle, its start date in the agreement can be set to two days prior.
  • Access to My Page, where you can:
    • Change which payment card you want to use on the agreement
    • Add and remove vehicles on the agreement
    • Choose how long a vehicle will be active on the agreement
    • Download your receipts
    • See a complete overview of time, place, ferry connection and price of completed ferry journeys

Is it possible to book in advance?

It is not possible to book a ferry ticket for you car in advance. 

Some ferries are free of charge

This don't apply to the ferries that as of the 1st of July 2022 are free of charge for all vehicles and passengeres. Read more about it here. 

Travel by foot og bicycle?

If you travel by foot og bicycle you travel for free. Only cars pay on ferries in Troms. As of 1st of July 2022 some ferries are free of charge. Read more about it by clicking here.