You can use our travelcard on the buses and express boat in Troms Fylkestrafikk’s route network. 

Where can I buy a travelcard and top up pay-as-you-go credit? 

You can buy a travelcard and top up your pay-as-you-go credit here 

  • online shop (pay-as-you-go credit minimum top up NOK 1) 

  • ticket vending machine (pay-as-you-go credit minimum top up NOK 100) 

  • customer service centre (pay-as-you-go credit minimum top up NOK 400) 

  • sales outlets (pay-as-you-go credit minimum top up NOK 400) 

  • on board the bus (pay-as-you-go credit minimum NOK 400) (not on city buses in Tromsø/ Harstad) 

  • on board the express boat (pay-as-you-go credit minimum top up NOK 1,000) 

You can also buy period tickets at the same places. However, you can only top up travelcards with a requisition at a customer service centre. 

How do I use a travelcard? 

To use the travelcard, you must have a valid ticket (single ticket or period ticket) or pay-as-you-go credit on the card.  

If you have several tickets and pay-as-you-go credit on your card, the ticket validator will charge the first valid ticket in the following order: 

  1. Period ticket with the correct zones for the section of the route. This may be all types of period tickets from a 24-hour ticket to a 90-day ticket. 

  1. Single ticket with the correct zones for the section of the route 

  1. Pay-as-you-go credit with automatic deduction providing there is sufficient credit on your card and the section of the route has been set as a pre-defined route, i.e. one of your favourites with zones where you travel often. If you generally travel within one zone (e.g. Tromsø municipality), such a pre-defined route in the Tromsø zone may be used on all journeys in the entire municipality. 

If a pre-defined route has not been added, the driver/crew/sales outlet/customer service centre must enter the travel section and charge the card manually. 

Lost your travelcard? 

If you have lost your travelcard, we will refund your credit balance providing you can show a receipt. Please contact our customer service centres here. 

My card no longer works 

Please contact our customer service centres here.