Ticket vending machines

Here is an overview of where our ticket vending machines are located. Remember you can also buy tickets in the “Troms Billett” app.  

We have ticket vending machines in Tromsø and Harstad, where you can buy single tickets with your credit/debit card, top up your travelcard with pay-as-you-go credit or renew period tickets. 

Ticket vending machines in Harstad

  • On the square by the bus terminal

  • At the Harstad Port Terminal


Ticket vending machines in Tromsø

  • Giæverbukta Bus Terminal

  • Fredrik. Langes gate (outside the Kiwi supermarket)

  • Sjøgata (outside Helsehuset and Peppes Pizza)

  • Tromsø Airport Langnes (at the bus stop in Flyplassveien)

  • Prostneset Port Terminal in Tromsø (on levels 1 and 2)

  • University Hospital of North Norway (by the main entrance in A wing)

  • UiT The Arctic University of Norway (at the bus stop UIT Tromsø)