On board

If you don’t have time to buy a ticket before you travel, you can buy a single ticket from the driver/crew on board the bus or express boat. 

More expensive on board 

Remember that this is more expensive than buying a ticket in advance. If you buy a ticket in the “Troms Billett” app, you must complete the purchase before getting on board. 

Why is it more expensive to buy tickets on board? 

Paying for tickets on board with cash or credit/debit card can delay the bus and the other passengers. It also creates more administrative work for us. Consequently, it’s more expensive to pay on board than buying tickets in advance in the “Troms Billett” app, which we recommend everyone to use. 

Where can I pay by credit/debit card? 

Credit/debit cards are accepted on bus routes 100, 110 and 150. 

All express boats except MS Skaaskjær (Route 5 Sommarøy - Tussøy - Sandneshamn) accept credit/debit cards.    

Credit/debit cards cannot be used as a means of payment on the city buses in Harstad or Tromsø, but you can use your credit/debit card to pay in the Troms Billett app. 


Only travel agencies and agents approved in advance may use requisitions or vouchers as a means of payment on our means of transport. Vouchers with an overseas address are not accepted.