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*Off-peak: Mon-Fri 09:00-14:00 and 17:00-01:00  (Tromsø only)

How you buy a ticket 

Troms Billett (ticket)-app

Single or periodic tickets can be used on Troms fylkestrafikk's buses and our regional buses to Alta, Narvik and Lødingen. If you use Troms Billett-app you will always get the best price for your ticket. Troms Billett also helps to ensure that boarding is quick and efficient.

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You may buy single tickets and period tickets for Troms Fylkestrafikk’s entire network. ​​​​​​​The fare is calculated based on how many zones you will travel in.

Tickets and discounts

Travelling through to Finnmark or Nordland? 

Are you travelling through to Finnmark you need to purchase a new ticket for Snelandias busses.


Are you travelling through to Nordland you need to purchase a new ticket for Reis Nordlands busses.   

Reis Nordland 

"Train Bus"

A special arrangement for the "Train Bus" - ticket for the whole journey can be bought on the ENTUR-app or at transport operator SJ Nord. Line 100 Tromsø-Narvik + Line 100 Narvik-Fauske + Nigh train Fause-Trondheim. 


Airport Bus and other bus operators

Tickets and prices from Troms and Finnmark fylkeskommune only applies on the public transport services offered by Troms fylkestrafikk. The Airport Bus is a commercial offer, without subsidies from the public sector. For commercial routes, the carrier's own prices apply. Please refer to the individual carrier.

In Troms, this applies:

Airport Bus Tromsø Airport Bus Harstad Airport Bus Bardufoss

Arctic Route - Eskelisen Arctic Route - Bussring