Roundtrip Tromsø-Skjervøy-Tromsø

Wild mountains and spectacular views

The tour departs by bus from Tromsø bus terminal, Prostneset. We drive to Breivikeidet where we catch the ferry across the Ullsfjorden to Svensby. From there, we continue to Lyngseidet, passing the arctic mountain range the Lyngen Alps, one of the wildest mountain areas in Norway. The landscape is covered with small glaciers and mountain peaks almost 2,000 metres high. 

At Lyngseidet we board another ferry across the Lyngsfjord and part of the Kåfjord to Olderdalen. The views from the ferry are spectacular, featuring both the Koppangsbreen and Stupbreen glaciers. You will be able to get an even better view of Strupbreen on the road from Olderdalen to Uløya. 


World most beautiful cruise

Just before we reach Skjervøy the bus drives through an underwater tunnel. On the right just at the tunnel's exit is Maursund farm, whose main building dates back to the 18th century. In Skjervøy you will board the corresponding Hurtigruten, which will take you on one of the world's most beautiful cruises. 

You will now be able to see the Lyngen Alps from the sea as you sail back to Tromsø by way of Lyngstuva. In summer, the midnight sun, fog and the salty smell of the sea are all part of the cruise experience. 



Several times a week during the period. Ask us about which dates are available. Scroll down for contact information. 

Rundtur/Roundtrip Tromsø-Skjervøy-Tromsø
Avgang / Departure Fra-til / From-to Transportmiddel / Transport line Ankomst / Arrival
14.05 Tromsø-Breivikeidet Buss linje/ Bus line 150 15.00
15.00 Breivikeidet-Svensby Ferge linje / Ferry line 181 15.20
15.20 Svensby-Lyngseidet Buss linje / Bus line 150 15.50
16.00 Lyngseidet-Olderdalen Ferge linje / Ferry line 190 16.40
16.40 Olderdalen-Skjervøy Buss linje / Bus line 150/155* 17.55
19.45 Skjervøy- Tromsø Hurtigruten 23.45

*Change at Sørelva ca 17.15

  • The schedule is subject to changes in accordance with changes/cancellations of Hurtigruten's operation.
  • The round trip uses public transportation and is not guided.


875,- Adults

500,- Children/senior citizens

  • Timetable and fares may change during this period.
  • The ticket is not refundable.


Tickets and booking is available at Visit Tromsø. Visit them at det second floor on Havneterminalen in Tromsø.

Visit Tromsø opening hours:

  • Monday - Friday: 09:00 - 17:00
  • Saturday: 09:00 - 16:00
  • Sunday: 10:00 - 16:00

Phone: +47 776 10000


Dates available

Datoer rundtur
Dato Ukedag Hurtigrute
02.05.2023 Tirsdag MS Nordlys
03.05.2023 Onsdag MS Nordkapp
05.05.2023 Fredag MS Polarlys
08.05.2023 Mandag MS Nordnorge
10.05.2023 Onsdag MS Kong Harald
11.05.2023 Torsdag MS Vesterålen
16.05.2023 Tirsdag MS Polarlys
18.05.2023 Torsdag MS Richard With
19.05.2023 Fredag MS Nordnorge
22.05.2023 Mandag MS Vesterålen
24.05.2023 Onsdag MS Nordlys
25.05.2023 Torsdag MS Nordkapp
29.05.2023 Mandag MS Richard With
30.05.2023 Tirsdag MS Nordnorge
01.06.2023 Torsdag MS Kong Harald
02.06.2023 Fredag MS Vesterålen
05.06.2023 Mandag MS Nordkapp
07.06.2023 Onsdag MS Polarlys
09.06.2023 Fredag MS Richard With
12.06.2023 Mandag MS Kong Harald
13.06.2023 Tirsdag MS Vesterålen
15.06.2023 Torsdag MS Nordlys
16.06.2023 Fredag MS Nordkapp
20.06.2023 Tirsdag MS Richard With
21.06.2023 Onsdag MS Nordnorge
23.06.2023 Fredag MS Kong Harald
26.06.2023 Mandag MS Nordlys
27.06.2023 Tirsdag MS Nordkapp
29.06.2023 Torsdag MS Polarlys
04.07.2023 Tirsdag MS Kong Harald
05.07.2023 Onsdag MS Vesterålen
07.07.2023 Fredag MS Nordlys
10.07.2023 Mandag MS Polarlys
12.07.2023 Onsdag MS Richard With
13.07.2023 Torsdag MS Nordnorge
18.07.2023 Tirsdag MS Nordlys
19.07.2023 Onsdag MS Nordkapp
21.07.2023 Fredag MS Polarlys
24.07.2023 Mandag MS Nordnorge
26.07.2023 Onsdag MS Kong Harald
27.07.2023 Torsdag MS Vesterålen
01.08.2023 Tirsdag MS Polarlys
03.08.2023 Torsdag MS Richard With
04.08.2023 Fredag MS Nordnorge
07.08.2023 Mandag MS Vesterålen
09.08.2023 Onsdag MS Nordlys
10.08.2023 Torsdag MS Nordkapp
14.08.2023 Mandag MS Richard With
15.08.2023 Tirsdag MS Nordnorge
17.08.2023 Torsdag MS Kong Harald
18.08.2023 Fredag MS Vesterålen
21.08.2023 Mandag MS Nordkapp
23.08.2023 Onsdag MS Polarlys
25.08.2023 Fredag MS Richard With
28.08.2023 Mandag MS Kong Harald
29.08.2023 Tirsdag MS Vesterålen
31.08.2023 Torsdag MS Nordlys
01.09.2023 Fredag MS Nordkapp
05.09.2023 Tirsdag MS Richard With
06.09.2023 Onsdag MS Nordnorge
08.09.2023 Fredag MS Kong Harald
11.09.2023 Mandag MS Nordlys
12.09.2023 Tirsdag MS Nordkapp
14.09.2023 Torsdag MS Polarlys
19.09.2023 Tirsdag MS Kong Harald
20.09.2023 Onsdag MS Vesterålen
22.09.2023 Fredag MS Nordlys
25.09.2023 Mandag MS Polarlys
27.09.2023 Onsdag MS Richard With
28.09.2023 Torsdag MS Nordnorge