Travel Guarantee Bus

Our guarantee commits us to do our utmost to ensure you arrive on time.

However, in the event of delays or cancellations, we will:

  • Give you the best possible information about what is happening
  • Give you information about alternative transport/routes as early as possible
  • Arrange alternative transport to the extent practicable

We will always do our utmost to avoid errors.

If alternative transport cannot be offered, we will reimburse your documented expenses for taxi and/or use of your vehicle or other alternative transport – if you are delayed for more than:

  • 20 minutes on journeys under one hour: reimbursed up to NOK 550
  • 40 minutes on journeys between one and three hours: reimbursed up to NOK 825
  • 60 minutes on journeys over three hours: reimbursed up to NOK 1,100
  • On journeys of more than three hours, where the delay prevents you from reaching your destination until the following day, your accommodation will be covered. In such cases, this must be approved in advance by Troms Fylkestrafikk.

If there is less than 20 minutes until the next departure, including on alternative bus routes, you will not be entitled to a reimbursement.

Please ensure that you use the current timetable and information about the public transport service. Separate timetables often apply during Christmas, Easter and school holidays.

You must complete the travel guarantee form or submit your claim in writing no later than one month after the incident in question occurred. We will respond to your claim request as soon as possible and no later than one month after receiving it.

When does the guarantee apply?

The right to reimbursement occurs in the event of all types of irregularities that have not been announced in advance.

The reimbursement applies to other public transport service, taxi or your own vehicle. When reimbursing compensation for mileage, the driver can only submit a claim if several people travel together. The reimbursement applies only to compensation for mileage based on the State’s current rates, and does not cover road tolls or parking

  • If you know that you can get good assistance from another other public transport service, you should make use of it, in addition to a taxi (if necessary).
  • The travel guarantee applies to single journeys and when you have a transfer to other bus routes in your journeys.
  • The travel guarantee does not apply if there is 20 minutes or less until the next departure as described on our timetables or in our travel planners.
  • The travel guarantee does not apply if you are delayed reaching the stop for transferring to another bus without regular correspondence. If you are transferring to another route during your journey, you must allow at least five minutes transition time in addition to any walking time between the bus routes. In the event of a regular correspondence with buses where the driver is to wait for a certain route, and this does not occur, the travel guarantee applies.


The travel guarantee does not apply if the delay or cancellation is due to circumstances beyond our or the carrier’s control, such as:

  1. Announced traffic disturbances owing to large events, festivals or other events affect public transport to a major extent, e.g. Constitution Day (17 May), cycling races, etc. 
  2. Public injunctions and prohibitions, strikes and the like
  3. Natural disasters
  4. Extraordinary weather conditions (e.g. heavy snowfall, landslides, floods or exceptionally slippery roads)
  5. Roadworks or unforeseen problems with the road

The travel guarantee does not cover consequential damages of the delay, e.g. that you miss a dental appointment, business meeting or flight departure.

The travel guarantee is a national scheme developed by Public Transport Norway and NHO Transport.


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