Privacy statement for Troms Reise app

You will find information here about data protection for the use of the “Troms Reise” app.


Consent from the user

DataGrafikk AS develops and operates the travel planning service “Troms Reise” on behalf of Troms Fylkestrafikk. The lawfulness of the use of personal data is based on consent from the user.


Data that is collected is stored on DataGrafik’s own servers, which only it has access to. DataGrafik collects data about travel searches in the travel planner. The purpose of the search logs is to generate statistics that describe the use of the service. Examples of such statistics include how many people search, what time of day they search and how many of the searches produce results.

DataGrafik collects the entire IP address, but the data is processed in de-identified and aggregated form. This means that they cannot trace the data we collect back to the individual user from the statistics.

Furthermore, the IP address is used in the search logs to identify and prevent misuse of the service by identifying IP addresses that generate requests from automated tools.

The search logs at DataGrafikk are deleted after 30 days.

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